Linda Mews

In the early 70’s Linda found herself in Montana working for Olsen Springer Group, an Architectural Firm in downtown Bozeman. She later realized that she wanted to further expand her knowledge in Architecture, and headed to Chicago  for Design School. While in Chicago, she got a job with Richard Marsh and Associates, a commercial Architectural Design Firm in downtown. Linda, who is an Interior/Architectural Designer by trade and Artist by talent/passion, found that her artistic side when coupled with her architectural experience and education brought out her true passion for bringing neglected properties back to life using alternative building methods —allowing her to grow both artistically and architecturally.  Fast forward to 2015, the mountains and open skies of Montana called her back to one of her most exciting projects yet...Foster Creek Farm.


Photo by Jessie Moore Photography

Josh Browning

Josh began his career in construction in 2005 and shortly thereafter construction management.  With over a decade of working experience in the Bozeman area, Josh has developed a knack for challenging and unique projects which play off his artistic side. His passion and talent for construction offered him the opportunity to travel to Central America, where he managed various projects from construction of an Orphanage to a Hospital.  Back stateside, Josh has worked on a rammed earth home to the preservation of antique barns.  He joins the team at Foster Creek Farm as the Project and Property Manager, whose talents facilitated in updating the property, while preserving the rich history and vision.  

Cooper Browning

A traveller at heart, planner by fault, and teacher by trade, Cooper has explored the world looking for the perfect places and pieces that embody ambiance. When looking for her own ideal wedding venue, Cooper (daughter) and Linda (mother and owner) discovered Foster Creek Farm. Deciding to make it the wedding venue of their dreams, and the many others who share this unique setting, Foster Creek Farm was born; out of love, family, creativity and passion. While Cooper currently lives in NYC, her love for travel, fine and healthy cuisine, and exploring the latest trends brings a worldly, urban balance to the rustic country. 


Photo by Rebecca Hollis Photography

Asma Alahiane

Asma is a New York City girl at heart, who fell in love with  Big Sky Country. Not able to resist the appeal of Foster Creek Farm, she moved across the country; leaving what she knew for the unknown. Excited to become a part of a company with similar philosophies, and a business that wants to share their love and space with others on their special days, was what Asma was looking for. Her city savvy, background in sales, beauty and lifestyle, public relations, recruiting/executive support, and let’s not forget life lessons from the Big Apple, have made her an integral part of the Foster Creek Farm team.

Contact Asma for bookings, questions and on-site visits.


Photo by Amelia Anne Photography

Off-Site Event Coordinators- Kait and Rachel of Bash

Kait [on the left] and Rachel [on the right] began their journey in the wedding planning industry in very different, yet complimentary, worlds.  Rachel previously worked in event catering in Bozeman, Montana, and Kait in conceptual design in Southern California. They met in 2012 and eventually decided to partner in 2014 in order to bring their unique and individual talents together as a team.  Kait is the design lead and creative director and Rachel is the coordinating lead and operations director; their yin and yang pairs perfectly. They love working with couples in creating and executing weddings that are both individual and unique to each client!