Friday Introductions Continued….Cooper

May, 19 2017

Well, we missed last week's introductions (shame on me—:o( ), so here it is today.  I have the pleasure of introducing Cooper to you all.  I had the opportunity to meet Cooper back in 2006 on a semester abroad in…


Friday Introductions Continued….Asma

May, 05 2017

Photo by Amelia Anne Photography We are continuing the Friday Introductions and it's Asma's turn (AKA me).  Well, I guess I have to introduce my self now, while it was so much easier to introduce the others and I’m not…


Foster Creek Farm Friday Introductions…Josh Browning

Apr, 28 2017

Welcome back, and up next on our intros is Josh Browning, our Project and Property Manager. Here are 10 fun facts about Josh Josh is the eldest of six kids—this is what makes him the FAVORITE and best looking (and…


Friday Introductions…Linda Mews

Apr, 21 2017

It's been a while on the blog, but we're about to get rocking and rolling here. So what better way to restart the blog than Friday Introductions. Let’s say hello to the Foster Creek Farm Staff…Many of you might not know…


Winter Wonderland

Dec, 16 2016

The snow has me thinking of Winter Wonderlands and the parties that await. As a child for me snow meant snow days from school (what a treat!), snowmen, snowball fights and snow angels—growing up in NYC, I never really had…


How to Choose the Best Wedding Location or Event Space

Nov, 17 2016

You are at a point where you have everything you need to start your planning process, from lists to Pinterest Boards to the never ending magazines for inspiration, but you’re still not done!? A lot needs to happen when you’re…


The First Of Many

Sep, 20 2016

We were fortunate to host one of our first events at Foster Creek Farm (FCF) on August 6th—not only was this our first event, but one that was very special to us.  We were able to host the union of Cooper…


Here Comes the Bride…

Aug, 29 2016

Well in this case the Bridal Suite……  Just like a bride on her wedding day, she has made her grand entrance at Foster Creek Farm.   She had her own Bridal team to get her ready, Erik who took the…


Camping meet Glamping

Aug, 16 2016

Personal Confession…   Born and raised in NYC I have never really had the chance to really "camp" (and the idea was a bit scary for me), but Glamping is definitely a concept I could get used to.  Beds, electricity, running water…


Musical Chairs

Jun, 26 2016

Our chairs have been delivered and are ready for our guests.  We look forward to utilizing them and seeing them all set-up with each event, whether in the Barn or on the lawn--the possibilities are endless.     A sea…


Stairway to heaven?!

Jun, 20 2016

Well, maybe not heaven, but does the mezzanine count?  The Foster Creek Farm crew completed the stairs in the barn and not to toot our own horn, they look pretty awesome!    Check out the evolution…   No stairs The…


IT’S A PAARTAY at Foster Creek Farm!

Jun, 13 2016

At Foster Creek Farm we believe in having a good time.  Over the weekend we got to celebrate a special birthday for an honorary member of the Foster Creek Farm team.  With good company and yummy treats, we kicked off…


It’s Blooming Season

Jun, 09 2016

Everything is blossoming at Foster Creek Farm, from the flowers to the construction. Thanks to longer days and warmer weather, the spring flowers are in full bloom and soon the trees will be popping open at record speed. Construction on…


Welcome to Foster Creek Farm

Apr, 12 2016

Welcome! We are so happy to be writing the very first blog entry for Foster Creek Farm. A place to share all the excitement that goes on around the farm as well as an opportunity to shed light on the…