Friday Introductions Continued….Asma

May, 05 2017

Foster Creek Farm Staff- Asma AlahianePhoto by Amelia Anne Photography

We are continuing the Friday Introductions and it's Asma's turn (AKA me).  Well, I guess I have to introduce my self now, while it was so much easier to introduce the others and I’m not one for spotlight, well here goes nothing!

  • Hi, my name is Asma (@simplyasma) this is pronounced like the letter ’S’ plus ‘Ma’ (Sma)
  • I’m a transplant to Montana from New York City—Born and raised in Queens (and yes, the saying is true—you can take the girl out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the girl)
  • I am a nature fanatic (that is a total lie, I am afraid of things in nature especially Bears, Deer, BearCows—this is a thing!)
  • Living in Montana I have learned to identify poop—yup poop! Bear, elk, deer, bunny, etc. (my friends back home are definitely worried that the city girl they once knew is gone)
  • I am multi-lingual—growing up I learned to speak both English and Moroccan at the same time, and with Greek landlords that sometimes turned into Greek). I can also speak Spanish and some French. (On a good day, it could be a combination of all four)
  • I have an addiction to clothes and shoes and definitely don’t know how to “dress-down” to do manual labor, i.e. move chairs and tables, clean toilets, unpack boxes, you get it—just ask Josh.
  • I talk to my mom everyday—I’m her favorite being the eldest (Sorry Meriem, the truth comes out!)
  • I enjoy a good brunch (Boozy Brunches are always welcome)
  • I enjoy sleeping-in (back when sleeping-in was possible)
  • Montana was never in my mind of places to live, but who would have guessed meeting someone who is now one of my friends in Costa Rica for Semester Abroad and 10 years later would start the sails to my now life.  (Thanks Cooper for wanting to get married in Montana and always being my cheerleader!)

Stay tuned for next week's introduction when we introduce Cooper!


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