Friday Introductions Continued….Cooper

May, 19 2017

Foster Creek Farm- Cooper Photo

Well, we missed last week's introductions (shame on me—:o( ), so here it is today.  I have the pleasure of introducing Cooper to you all.  I had the opportunity to meet Cooper back in 2006 on a semester abroad in Costa Rica and have been friends ever since. I was there when she met her now husband Lex, heard of all her fun traveling adventures and fast forward to 2015 when she started to talk about getting married out in Montana. To be quite honest, I haven’t travelled west of Ohio ever , I was an East Coast kind of gal.  In 2016 I had the opportunity to come out to the pending Foster Creek Farm and was so very impressed with the beginning stages and couldn’t wait to help get them started (little did I know I’d join the team a short months later.)  Cooper has played an integral part of our team and she will be joining us more full time later this fall.  So here’s a look at fun facts about Cooper.


- Cooper began teaching while volunteering in India and South Africa. During her undergrad studies, she started working with HIV/AIDS orphans and found her niche teaching young children. 


- Cooper lived in Hong Kong and the Philippines for several years teaching English while her (now) husband played soccer professionally. Go Azkal! 


- She is running her 3rd marathon in May! 


- Her mixed design flair comes from all her travels and studies abroad (Latin America, Australia, India, South Africa, Asia and coming soon, Europe!)


- She is currently teaching 6 and 7 year olds at the oldest co-ed private school in NYC, which is also a Friends Quaker school. 


- Her students think her real name is Super Cooper. 


- She is in love with elephants, and with Linda, got to stay at an elephant reserve in Bali. If you love elephants too, read Modoc wink


- She has lived on and off in Chinatown, NYC since 2007 when she met Lex- a pure New Yorker. And she still doesn't like Chinese food. 


- Favorite experience abroad: doing a camel campout under the stars in Northern India. 


- Every year Cooper and her family would visit MT to go on flyfishing and horseback riding trips, her brothers always told her she had to kiss a fish before putting it back. This ritual has stuck with her, and accounts for the reason she has not gone fishing in decades. 


Well that is all she wrote folks on the Foster Creek Farm team front, but you never know!?


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