Friday Introductions…Linda Mews

Apr, 21 2017

Foster Creek Farm- Linda Mews and Cooper BoyIt's been a while on the blog, but we're about to get rocking and rolling here. So what better way to restart the blog than Friday Introductions. Let’s say hello to the Foster Creek Farm Staff…Many of you might not know who we are; so let’s get to know each other…We’ll start the intros for the next few weeks of the staff of Foster Creek Farm and some fun facts about each of us.


Let me introduce our Founder, Owner and Creative Director Linda Mews (@Lindamews). Here are 10 Fun Facts about Linda

  • Linda was born and raised in Wisconsin (you can call her a big cheese head! HA)
  • She is a proud mother of three talented, smart, creative and overall wonderful adults (and no this isn’t just a mom talking, they are pretty neat individuals, each with their own unique personality)
  • Linda is also a grandma to eight (but don’t go calling her Granny)!
  • Linda is well travelled, and is just jumping for the chance for a new stamp on her passport or the open road!  She has traveled across the US as well as internationally…wether living in Flagstaff Arizona or visiting the Elephants in Bali—her travels have taken her far and wide.
  • She is an Interior/Architectural Designer by trade and an Artist by talent/passion
  • Linda’s first experience in Montana was living here in the 70s and full circle she has now made it HOME once again. (I mean can you blame her, the vast skies, mountain ranges and the beauty Montana offers, they always come back!)
  • Favorite drink is a good EXTRA dirty Martini with Blue Cheese Olives
  • Favorite Food anything with Cheese—Cheese and crackers, Cheetos, Fondue—you get where we’re going with this.
  • She’s a Sister on the Fly (Sister #1789)—if you don’t know what a Sister on The Fly is check out their gram @sistersonthefly
  • An AWESOME woman to call a boss, friend, mother, mentor, grandmother and lovely human! (And NO, I was not paid to say that, anyone that meets Linda knows what I’m talking about)



Hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about Linda. Next up, Josh Browning!


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