It’s Blooming Season

Jun, 09 2016

Everything is blossoming at Foster Creek Farm, from the flowers to the construction. Thanks to longer days and warmer weather, the spring flowers are in full bloom and soon the trees will be popping open at record speed.


Construction on the barn is also taking off with the addition of the 8" x 27" support beams (thanks to our amazing Engineer, Larry Johnson ofJohnson Engineering) and a new mezzanine. To avoid the use of VERY TALL scaffolding and supporting the balloon construction of the 1923 barn, we left theoriginal hay loft in place and built the new mezzanine over it and through it. As soon as the 24 foot window framing is finished the hay loft will be removed and the staircase can be put in place.


The flooring is stacked and ready to be installed.

We are so grateful for all the helping hands involved on the Foster Creek Farm project. Dylon who worked with us until wheat farming season began, and Jacob and Becca for finishing the Becca and Dyloninstallation of the floor joist.


GardenAnd- while digging 7 foot trenches for water and electric lines, we discovered some the most amazing soil with not a rock in sight; a perfect place for a vegetable garden!  Thanks to Mustang Mowing our vegetable garden has already been rototilled and is almost ready to plant. Can’t wait to have our own farm to table food soon!


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