The First Of Many

Sep, 20 2016

We were fortunate to host one of our first events at Foster Creek Farm (FCF) on August 6th—not only was this our first event, but one that was very special to us.  We were able to host the union of Cooper (same Cooper who is part of the FCF team) and Lexton. These two had many contributions to help us in creating the FCF vision. Cooper with her eye for detail and getting decor together for the tents and bridal suite to Lexton and his skill for creating (he made the benches, bars, signs, etc for the wedding and many for us to offer to future guests)--All this while planning their wedding!

Here is a glimpse into their special day at Foster Creek Farm (Photos courtesy of  Rebecca Hollis Photography). Also check out a mini video clip on our Facebook and Instagram pages!


Cooper and Lex- Welcome SignCooper and Lex- Country Sign




Stay Tuned for more…


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