Foster Creek Farm- Aisle

Photo Credit: Orange Photographie

We’ve updated our site, so now a much needed focus on the blog.  Blogging if you ask anyone is sooo hard, especially when it isn’t the only thing you are focusing on.  So we’re going to kickoff the blog writing with a series of things to ask your vendors for your event as well as a look into our real weddings at Foster Creek Farm.

In this post we’ll explore what kind of questions you may experience and questions to take along with you on your quest for the Best Wedding Location (or event location).

When picking a place that will be the best wedding/event location the options are endless.  You can host an event at your home, a family member’s’ home, a hotel, beach, museum, farm, playground, etc., you can pretty much host it wherever your heart desires. What runs through your mind when you are trying to put together a list for what will be the “Best Wedding/Event Location”?  Are others providing their insights? Is your partner, family and friends throwing ideas and opinions at you? Do you want a destination event or do you prefer local? Are you looking at websites for ideas? Do you already have the destination in mind and now you need to pull together the available locations? What goes into picking the best wedding/event location? What criteria do you have for a location? These are just some things that are being jumbled up in your mind as you try to figure out what you are looking for. While only one part of the full picture, your location will ultimately play a big part in getting your vision together, here’s a start of a list to help when pulling together your options for your best wedding location (and whatever venue you pick will be the BEST).  We are also including a question list you can take with you when you start visiting the venues.  

An important thing to remember as you start your planning is: Yes you will get stressed and have moments of frustration, but stay positive as this is will be one of the best days of your life yet and once all the hard work is done, you’ll sit back and enjoy your time and remember only the love, happiness and fun you and all your guests had on that day!

Narrow down your venue selection by answering the following questions:

  • What season/date are you looking for? (Weather can play an important part in your event and knowing an idea of when you want to host your event, will make it a bit easier to narrow down a venue. In some cases, the rule of thumb to booking a venue is about 18months prior to your selected date.
  • Location? (will this be a local affair or a destination, knowing what geographical location will also determine your guest list, transportation concerns, etc)
  • Indoor vs Outdoor (This is also part of the season/date you select.  A season can determine if you will have an option of both an indoor and outdoor event or not.  If deciding with an outdoor event, be sure that the venue also has an inclement weather plan)
  • Capacity (Having an approximate number of guests you plan on inviting will help narrow down where you hold your event? Many venues have a certain capacity that they are able to accommodate)
  • What is your budget? (having a ballpark idea of how much you are able to spend on your event from the venue to the food and the  decor to the clothing and accessories, is important in narrowing down your choices)

What to ask during your venue tour:

  • Is your date available? (Be sure to be prepared with a few options for your date, having a few dates will help in the selection process, especially if the space is “the ONE”.)
  • Can we have both the ceremony and reception at the venue? (Some locations are able to accommodate both a ceremony and reception, while others may only be able to accommodate one.)
  • What is included? (This will help when determining your budget, some venues provide food, seating, linens, etc. Find out what the venue provides.)
  • Is the space a blank canvas or are there stationary items that cannot be removed? (If you’re renting a museum space, for example you will have to work around the exhibits.  Find out if the venue is “as is’” or is it customizable based on your needs.  There may be restrictions the venue has, find out what those are, from decor to food and liquor options.)
  • What is the capacity the venue can hold? Is this both sitting room and standing room? (Be sure that the venue is able to accommodate what you estimate your party will be in attendance.)
  • How many hours do we have the venue for? (Some venues are only available for a certain amount of hours, there may be some venues that have more than one event at a time, so know in advance if your party will be the only one.)
  • Will there be a point person available on the day of the event? (Some venues will have a specific person that will be your point person for your event from the beginning, whether a venue manager or their in-house wedding/event coordinator, find out who will be your contact)
  • Is there a wedding or event coordinator available? (some venues have in-house wedding and event coordinators for you to utilize.  This allows for you to not have to look for a separate one if that service is available.  While these individuals may not be necessary in some cases, they do help in easing any tasks that may be daunting)
  • Are there special packages available? (Some venues have special packing available for events.  Packaging can include accommodations, certain day specials, etc.–this can help when setting your budget)
  • Parking? (Certain venues will have parking available for your guests or have limited space for cars, etc.  Learn what their situation is as this will help when instructing guests on getting to the venue or having to coordinate for transportation to and from the venue. Find out if they have shuttle service.)
  • What are the catering options? (some venues have in-house catering services that will handle everything from beverages to desserts, etc., other venues may only work with certain list of vendors, learn what options they have available)